Why Choose Us

  1. You are tired of bad online meetings
    • We have great reviews!
  • Experience in virtual meetings is important
    • We have facilitated or produced over 500 virtual sessions
    • Our virtual facilitation history goes back to 2004 when GoToMeeting first came on the scene
    • We were also amongst the first to use collaboration platforms like Huddle (in 2006) and Powernoodle (in 2009)
  • You need an expert in Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, or Webex
    • We often refer to making Zoom “do gymnastics” as we bend the platform to serve our clients needs
    • We have also worked with Adobe Connect and Google Meet
  • You postponed your conference in 2020 and are now looking to host a virtual one in 2021
    • Online conference platforms, such as Whova and Swapcard, dovetail with our existing platforms to create seamless conference and networking experiences
  • Your municipality is requiring you to host a virtual public meeting
    • We will guide you through your options and make sure your meeting goes well
  • You don’t have a subscription to an online meeting platform
    • We are flexible to use your platform or ours and are able to scale our platform to ensure we never run out of “seats”
  • You need Virtual Facilitation Experts
    • We are really good at what we do. We really are! Leave all of the worry and stress to us. We’ll take care of it.