Virtual Focus Groups

Gather the qualitative insights you need. We are experts at facilitating interactive discussions.

We first began hosting virtual focus groups in early 2014. Our observation is that participants often find it easier to side-step group think when they are not physically located in the same space.

In addition to facilitating your focus groups, we can assist you with question development. With over two decades of facilitation design experience, we have written thousands of questions. We understand how to drive a discussion past superficial responses.

It was a real pleasure to work with Karyn on our virtual focus groups. Her professionalism and expertise were unparalleled from the planning phase through to the execution. Karyn was able to instantly put participants at ease despite it being their first time participating in a virtual focus group discussion. This allowed us to gather the feedback we needed to move our research forward. Thank you Karyn for helping us expertly navigate this new time of virtual focus groups.

Arlinda Ruco, PhD Candidate, Health Services Research, St. Michael’s Hospital